Ceara Lynch: Dignity and Humiliation

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”  Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations General Assembly Resolution , 1948

Dignity is something a person is born with. Something a person has. It’s a birthright. An innate quality that can only be diminished. All persons are entitled to be treated with the dignity they deserve as human beings.

A Paradox …

Ceara Lynch makes her living as a professional Humiliatrix. Usually, in the complex interplay between her and client, dignity and respect are not just ignored, but intentionally rejected.

And yet, she is admired. Respected. Emulated. Loved.

How can that be? How can a person so completely flout a fundamental principle of human rights and get away with it? How can that person not be hated and despised?

Mental Agility and Compartmentalization …

The answer, of course, is mental compartmentalization. Compartmentalization enables incompatible thoughts and actions to peaceably co-exist. Compartmentalization is how people live with paradox and avoid hypocrisy.

We all compartmentalize. Within each of our minds lies a matrix of compartments. Some compartments have stout, strong walls. Others have walls that are more flexible. More adaptable. Our minds are a veritable Rubik’s Cube of compartments – infinitely flexible and dynamic. Constantly adjusting and altering themselves to new patterns, new ideas, new thoughts.

At the core of this matrix are compartments that don’t change. Or change very little. They have high strong walls that are not easily knocked over. Behind these walls, within these compartments, lies a person’s core values. Their character. Their beliefs. The mental and moral qualities distinctive to that person.

Integrity is defined by how well the walls to these core compartments are built. How strong they are.

Trust is defined by how another person perceives the quality of our compartmental walls.

Play and Reality …

Ceara Lynch, and her customers, compartmentalize. There is the world of play and fantasy. And then there is reality.

But, of course, the distinction not so clear. The walls between these two worlds are not very high. Actions overlap. For example, financial tributes to Ceara Lynch as part of play come from real bank accounts; they have a very real impact on the customer’s quality of life.

Ceara Lynch’s talent … her skill … is in managing this overlap. She has years of experience at learning to understand the nature of her customers’ mental compartments. That experience and hard work enable her to synchronize her own thoughts and ideas with those of her customers. If the customer wants to preserve his dignity during role play, then it is. If he doesn’t, then she adapts to conform to his compartmental limits. But most importantly, she establishes and respects the boundary between reality and fantasy … as defined by her and imparted to the customer.

Talent and Skills …

Her management skills are very real. The mental compartments containing her customers’ most vivid fantasies are complex and dynamic. Her talent is in aligning those compartments with a set of scenarios she has collected through years of experience. She exploits and modifies these scenarios so as to not tear through non-verbalized and unseen walls; so as to not access compartments that may be off limits. It’s a skill obtained only through practice. And more practice.

But it is her core values that enable her to garner admiration and respect. For the customer, these core values are first made evident through a shared business ethos. This common ethos lies beyond the compartments that deal with fantasy play. The ethos provides the basis for trust that is requisite if the play is to be fully compartmentalized and not allowed to leak into the world of reality. Over time, as play progresses, the customer discovers the strength of her core values. Trust is reinforced and play often takes on more diverse and exciting aspects. It’s a cycle that creates loyalty. That creates admiration and respect.

Trust …

With Ceara Lynch, humiliation can exists side-by-side with dignity and respect.

Thoughtful compartmentalization.  Skilled management of a dynamic and complex mental regime.  Core values that are unwavering.

These are her skills. These are her strengths. These are why she is trusted.


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