You Don’t Have to be a White Whale. Be Charlie the Tuna and Be Good Enough.

How To …

A few days ago, Ceara Lynch posted a much praised blog entry about How to Make Money as a Financial Dominatrix. In a way, it’s a companion piece to her blog 10 Steps to Becoming a Humiliatrix. As advice goes, these two blogs comprise the most cogent I’ve seen for women aspiring to make a living in the online FEMDOM/FINDOM industry.

But Ceara’s blogs tell only half the story. Her success is really the result of two factors – the work she puts in executing her business model, and the quality of the products and services she provides. You can have the best business model, put in the hours and the sweat, and still not succeed. Because if you’ve got a flawed product no one will buy it repeatedly. And, as all businesses learn, loyal repeat customers are worth exponentially more than single-time buyers. Repeat customers are the key to success.

Previously in this blog, I’ve tried to examine those aspects of Ceara Lynch’s business that lead to repeat customers. I’ve discussed her business acumen (Ceara Lynch: A Head for Business) as well as some of those traits that make her so appealing (Ceara Lynch: The Psychological Aspects of Her Business, Ceara Lynch: Playing with Men, Ceara Lynch: Dignity and Humiliation.) When taken together, Ceara’s entries and mine offer insight into methods, techniques and perspective which may lead to a successful online FINDOM business.

But I digress.

What I want to write about is not aimed at the aspiring FINDOM. Rather, it’s meant as advice for those men aspiring to be “White Whales.”

Thar’ She Blows …

If you haven’t read Ceara’s How To Make Money as a Financial Dominatrix blog, you should. The blog centers around a graph of a FINDOM’S Effort/Time versus Money. Below is my version of Ceara’s graph.

Chart 1

The Fair Market line is the dark line running diagonally 45 degrees up and to the right from the graph’s origin. It’s the line in which the financial domme’s return on her time and effort is rewarded at a rate established by the fair market. Any transaction above and to the left of that line (the green zone) provides a greater return. Any transaction to the right and below the line provides a return less than fair market rates.

I’ve categorized customer type by where their transactions usually fall. Above the fair market value line are (1) “white whales” whose transactions provide astounding return for relatively little effort, (2) “preferred’ customers who provide excellent return for effort, and (3) “good” customers who provide better than average return for a financial dominatrix’s effort. Below the fair market line are (1) “poor” customer transactions in which the FINDOM loses money but which she may still accept in order to cultivate a fair market relationship, and (2) “time wasters” which neither are, nor offer potential for, fair market transactions.

Clearly if you’re a client or customer seeking to establish a more enduring client/provider relationship with FINDOM, the vast majority of you’re transactions must occur in the green zone of the graph. The more your transactions tend upward and to the left, the more favorable the financial domme will view the relationship. I mean, that’s obvious, right?

Which brings me to the pie chart below.

Graph 2 (2)


The above chart shows the relative distribution of customer types that FINDOMS deal with on a daily basis. Well over two-thirds of all transactions proffer less than fair market return for effort, about one half offer no return at all. About one in eight clients are “preferred” (e.g., financial slaves) offering excellent return for effort, and far less than one half percent of all transactions are of the “white whale” type.

What this means is that for a potential financial slave, or a submissive seeking a more enduring relationship with a FINDOM, it’s fairly easy to break out of the pack since, for the most part, the pack is made up of clients and customers the FINDOM doesn’t want.

Breaking Out of the Pack …

So how do you break out of the pack? It’s actually quite easy. Here’s just a couple ideas.

  1. As Miz Lindsay says, “Cash over compliments.” Words are cheap. Compliments are a dime a dozen. Cash, on the other hand, speaks volumes. If you want to move into the “good” client category, give the FINDOM more than her time and effort are worth on the free market. Don’t be stingy. And don’t send the tribute and expect something in return. Remember, what you’re getting with your tributes is separation from the pack. You’re getting noticed by the FINDOM. And that, after all, is what you probably want most.
  2. Credibility is valuable, so don’t lose it. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Even if you can’t do it right away, do it as soon as you can.
  3. Provide positive feedback. A FINDOM’s marketing lifeline is social media word- of-mouth. Don’t tell the FINDOM she’s awesome … TELL OTHER PEOPLE she’s awesome! Positive reviews and positive comments generate internet traffic and web page hits. And that’s what online marketing is all about.
  4. You don’t have to a “white whale. Sometimes being a “tuna” is good enough. Moderate to small tributes done often are sufficient to be noticed and perhaps move you into the “preferred’ category. Many a FINDOM has said they prefer the sub who sacrifices over the sub who doesn’t. I don’t believe that … not in a heartbeat. Sacrifice is nice, but a college kid living on noodles so that he can scrape together a few nickels for his FINDOM can hardly make the same impact as a well-heeled sub sending hundreds of dollars every time he plays. Just remember, this isn’t a competition among subs. What your trying to do is break out of the pack .. a pack mainly composed of “time-wasters” and “poor” customers. Frequent tributes, no matter how small, are sufficient to do that.
  5. Don’t make or take things personally. Remember your FINDOM is in the fantasy-fulfilling business. You should only be seeking what the FINDOM can provide … temporary moments of submissiveness; not a lifestyle devoted to it.
  6. Along those lines, don’t make the mistake of thinking being an “online slave” is the same as being a real BDSM slave. For the most part, the relationship between you and your FINDOM is pretty shallow. For her, you’re a client. For you, she’s mainly someone to masturbate to. Sacrificing is almost always optional.
  7. Respect her privacy. Don’t be a wanker and solicit interaction at odd hours of the day or outside of her regular business hours. Remember, the key is to make your interactions more valuable to her than what she could get on the free market. You want to be an asset to her business, not a burden.
  8. Tip. When ordering custom videos, provide a little bit extra than the going rate. It’ll go a long way towards moving up and to the left on the graph.

Reality Check …

Be honest with yourself and with the FINDOM. Financial domination is not for everybody. No credible FINDOM wants to ruin you, and you shouldn’t ruin yourself. It’s just play after all.

Finally, don’t delude yourself into thinking your online relationship with the FINDOM will evolve into something more real and fulfilling. It almost certainly won’t. The reality is that it’s rare for an online FINDOM and an online submissive to become real time friends. And even if that happens, it’s even more rare for their relationship moves beyond that.


As always, thoughts, ideas and comments are appreciated.

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