Ceara Lynch’s pornography is different.  Her interactive and personalized services immerse a customer in an ecosystem of debauchery.  Catering to a wide spectrum of fetishes, with a particular emphasis on humiliation and financial domination, her video clips are arguably the most important dimension of that experience. With nearly 1600 clips to her credit, it’s pointless to try to identify her best. Instead, I’ll try to identify her most important clips — clips that took her or her customers in a new direction; clips that pushed the envelope; clips that revealed more about her person than about her persona; clips that inspired; clips that saw and took advantage of a new way to play online. In short, I’ll try to identify the most trailblazing clips in a trailblazing career.

So, in no particular order, here are Ceara Lynch’s Most Important Clips.

Die for Me (8 Min., 20 Nov 2009) In late 2009, as one of her earliest advertising efforts, Ceara briefly promoted herself with a now defunct FEMDOM marketing website, www.dieforher.com. That effort (which included one of her earliest interviews) resulted in extensive internet play of a trailer, Die for Me.  Her most dark clip to date, it revealed a role Ceara relished … a combination of girlish charm and femme fatale sophistication that induced men to run towards their own demise.  The clip would eventually go on to be one of Clips4Sale top-selling videos in 2009.  Die For Me , along with another important video she produced that same year, Interactive Blackmail, resulted in her being named  www.dieforher.com‘s 2009 Femme Fatale of the Year.   At 23, with two top-selling clips at a flourishing Clips4Sale marketplace, Ceara had moved out of the shadows and onto a career path that would make her an undisputed leader in her industry niche.

My new video project5
Ceara Lynch “Die for Me” Trailer

The Bitch Next Door (Series, Nov – Dec 2010) When it comes to male fetishes, it’s pretty safe to say that there’s nothing new under the sun. By 2010, Ceara had become sufficiently experienced with the males’ mind that her video productions tended to follow plot ‘templates’ for the more common fetishes. In late 2010, she produced a series of 12 clips … The Bitch Next Door Series … which folded all those templates into a single coherent story line. Entailing a full spectrum of fetishes from denial, to humiliation, to sissification, to foot worship, to pee drinking, and more, these 12 clips take the viewer on a smorgasbord of FEMDOM delight. For those able to remain chaste through the entire series, the final clip provides an amazing twist well worth persevering through to the end.

Ceara Lynch “The Bitch Next Door, Part 10”

N*ggr (10 Min., 27 Nov 2015) Her most controversial clip, Ceara pushes the envelope of a customer’s fetish to the point of bumping against a social taboo. Denounced as racist by critics, this humiliation clip (commissioned by a black client) uses strong racist language and verbal imagery. The importance of this clip lies not in so much in its taboo subject matter as in Ceara’s cogent defense of its production and her subsequent commitment to unencumbered non-injurious fantasy play by fetish practitioners everywhere (http://blog.cearalynch.com/2016/09/01/racial-humiliation/)

Ceara Lynch “N*ggr”

Interactive Blackmail (9 Min., 25 Oct 2009) “Do you really think that you stand a chance against me?” And with these words, Ceara opens a clip destined to become a classic. In this clip, Ceara is at her best as the young wicked Brat Princess seducing men into emailing her personal information … information which she implies will be used ruthlessly and often to get what she wants from her victim. It’s early Ceara Lynch at her finest. Edgy and raw, it used email in conjunction with POV video clips to push the technical envelope of online submission. But perhaps more importantly, it introduced a very real element of danger that took fetish play to another level. Fantasy could become reality if Ceara wanted.  That she never actually chose to exploit those opportunities did little to diminish the sexual charge released by this very real online power exchange.

Ceara Lynch “Interactive Blackmail”

Real Orgasm (10 Min., 01 Jun 2015)  In this clip, the usual Ceara Lynch persona disappears and is replaced by Ceara Lynch, the person. There’s no fantasy play. No games. It’s one hundred percent real. Shot from the neck up, Ceara provides a view of herself masturbating to climax. The clip could not have been made prior to her ”self-outing” in the spring of 2014 and is a watershed moment in revealing a confident and self-secure Ceara Lynch to her audience.

Ceara Lynch “Real Orgasm”

Phone Sex (5 Min., 20 Aug 2013) Sometimes it better to be lucky than good.  As with this video.  Phone Sex is Ceara Lynch’s most pirated video of all time. Before Ceara hired a DCMA take down service, this clip’s search engine placement results (for “phone sex”) became an unintended marketing boon for her business, showcasing her talents for an audience that otherwise may not have known of her.  Despite the huge piracy rate, things turned out remarkably well for Ceara as the short video eventually went on to become number one on Clips4Sale’s top-selling clips list.

Ceara Lynch “Phone Sex”

Ask Lynch (Series, Jan 2012) Before ‘”AMA” was a popular shorthand for “Ask Me Anything,” there was Ceara Lynch’s five-part video series, Ask Lynch. These videos were among the first opportunities for her fans to delve beneath the persona and discover a bit about the person. Responding to invited questions from her fans, Ceara answers were genuine, interesting, and honest. Some of the questions were a bit outlandish, some serious, some fetish-orientated, and some were just your basic ‘get to you know’ type. With few exceptions, Ceara’s answers provided insight into her thinking, character, and values. At the time, the clips may have been overlooked as a bit gimmicky; today they can be more fully appreciated as one of her earliest steps down the path towards full public acknowledgment of her chosen profession.

Ceara Lynch “Ask Ceara”

Lip Locking Lushes (8 Min., 21 Sep 2011) Among the very earliest of her “kissing’ clips, this remains one of the best. The clip opened up a whole category of Ceara’s videos. Featuring play rather than simple collaboration, Ceara and Mistress T depart from their usual Domme personas and relish each other’s sexuality. The chemistry between Ceara and Mistress T is palatable, the passion real. As with Ceara’s ‘Real Orgasm’ clip, the viewer is offered a very real insight into Ceara’s sexual dynamic. As the clips ends, Ceara and Mistress T lead each other into the bedroom and close the door, leaving the viewer with only his imagination … and an insatiable hunger to know more.

Ceara Lynch “Lip Locking Lushes”

Lynchnosis (2 Min., 7 Jul 2016) This short but powerful two-minute clip was Ceara’s first deliberate attempt at video hypnosis. A bit stylized and over the top, it nevertheless pushed the envelope and opened an entirely different genre of Ceara Lynch video – hypnosis, mesmerize, and brainwashing. For those clients predisposed, these new content clips provided a deeper richer connection with Ceara … or so at least it seemed.

Ceara Lynch “Lynchnosis”

Goddess Worship – Submit to Cearaism (7 Min., 12 Oct 2009) This is another video classic that provided a marked departure from Ceara’s previous work and which introduced a whole new dynamic for herself and her customers. Gone was the Princess. The Bitchy Spoiled Brat had been replaced with a Goddess to be worship and adored. Ceara was a deity around whom the world revolved. Science and reason could not explain the primal urgency and excitement aroused by Goddess Ceara. But those feelings, those emotional and sexual needs, were there and would not be denied. So a new religion is formed., “Cearaism”. A bit contrived, but nevertheless at its core one senses an underlying element of truth.

Ceara Lynch “Goddess Worship – Submit to Cearaism”

30 Minute Tease and Edge (31 Min., 09 Oct 2014) By clip standards, this is a featured length movie – over 30 minutes of sustained tease, denial and edging. It takes a lot of imagination and work to maintain any solo performance for that length of time. But Ceara delivers. Her performance transfixes her audience, and for the next 30 minutes the outside world is suspended … only Ceara exists. It’s a remarkable clip and a remarkable performance that could only be done by an accomplished and practiced professional. Ceara draws on all her skill and talent to make this clip work. And it does.

Ceara Lynch “30 Minute Tease and Edge”

Blasphemy (14 Min., 08 Aug 2015) “Fuck Jesus.” And with these words, Ceara shatters another taboo barrier. Less criticized but more provocative than her “N*ggr” clip, Ceara goes full on anti-Christ in this video. She’s always relished the role as provocateur, and this clip is Ceara at her disrespectful best. Beneath the superficial storyline, the viewer senses a genuine disdain for organized religion and religious beliefs; particularly when it comes to proscribed sexual norms.

Ceara Lynch “Blasphemy”

Your Brain on Porn (9 Min., 26 Feb 2015) Can a person become addicted to pornography? And if so, what are the consequences? Ceara is unconvinced that pornography addiction is real, at least to the extent that an diagnosable addiction manifests itself physiologically as with drugs or alcohol. Nevertheless, that didn’t preclude Ceara from exploiting pornography addiction as an avenue to worm her way deeper into the psyche of her customers. It’s a complex issue that could have very real consequences for both porn consumer and porn producer. While not addressing the issue head on, this clip nonetheless provoked considerable discussion about porn addiction elsewhere within the online FEMDOM/FINDOM community.

Ceara Lynch “Your Brain on Porn

As always, your comments and thoughts are appreciated.



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