Ceara Lynch: Unsquandered Youth

The playwright, George Bernard Shaw, once wrote, “Youth is wasted on the young.” That’s something only an old person would say.

But some people don’t get to be old. Things happen. Life is precarious. Life, particularly youthful healthy life, shouldn’t be wasted.

Ceara Lynch is on an extended travel vacation right now. She’s trying things. Doing things. Seeing things. Meeting people. Expanding her perspective. Exploring. Experimenting. Going where her curiosity takes her.

She’s definitely not wasting her youth. And I’m thrilled for her. I’m mostly thrilled because she’s traveling as only the young can travel. Shunning the luxury she can afford, she’s living from her pack back. She’s unafraid, unencumbered, and unalone. So she has more than my admiration. She has my respect.

In her travel blog, Ceara recently wrote, “Now that I know you, I respect you.” When she wrote that, she was referring to local food. But she could have just as easily been referring to the world, the people, the culture and the friends she’s discovering along the way.   If her travels had a theme, that would be it.

Justice is kind of an elusive thing. It’s all about ‘deserve.’ But when it comes to life, ‘deserves’ really has nothing to do with it. That said, Ceara deserves her travel. She deserves this chance to make, capture and share memories. She deserves it because, beneath the snarky ‘humiliatrix’ persona, she’s a good kid. And because she knows she shouldn’t waste her youth.   Because she knows life is just too precarious to let go to waste.

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