Dark Secrets Told

We all have our secrets.

Maybe it’s a secret fear. Maybe it’s something we did. Or something we didn’t do. It could be a confession, a dream, or a wish, a betrayal or a humiliation. It may be something that relentlessly torments us, something that holds us helplessly captive, even something that insidiously defines who we feel we really are. Then again, our secret may be something we rejoice in. It may be the pride we never expressed, the happiness we never shared, the pleasure we never admitted to, the joy we never shouted. But whatever it is, it’s something that we have never revealed to another soul, and perhaps it’s something that we’ve even kept from ourselves.

If only we could tell our secrets to someone. Perhaps we would feel the relief of an unburdened heart, the solace of a wrong that is righted, the peace of a forgiveness that is granted. But for most of us, it is courage that we lack and a hearing ear that we fear. If only we could admit the unadmittable, even if only to ourselves, for it is not the secret that we hold, but it is the secret that holds us.

And that’s where Ceara Lynch and her custom clips comes in. The clips are commissioned by individuals with a fetish. Most often, a secret fetish that holds the client captive. And, in a sense, the clip liberates the client. The process of acknowledging a secret, and then asking Ceara to express that darkest secret on film, is therapeutic. And that therapy extends beyond just that one person.

By posting these anonymous clips in her several online clip stores, Ceara shares them with us. And what happens is surprisingly uplifting, inspiring and maybe a little heartrending. For the viewing of other’s secrets can also be liberating. Perhaps when watching her fetish clips and watching those secrets of others, you don’t feel entirely alone with your own dark secrets. Or rather, perhaps you still feel alone, but you feel as if there are more people alone with you.  For just as with most quality sex workers, the collateral psychological therapy provided by Ceara Lynch to her clients is often more important and lasting than the sex itself.

Her introductory page for her website (www.cearalynch.com) states that “Here you will find a wide array of fetish and femdom POV videos specially designed to exacerbate your inexplicable urge to have a pretty girl ruin your life.”

I suppose it could have just as easily have read “Dark secrets shared anonymously without judgment.”

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